SONGZIO was established in 1993 by Zio Song and remains privately owned and directed by the founder to this day. Under three lines- SONGZIO, SONGZIO HOMME and ZZERO SONGZIO, the brand offers menswear, womenswear and unisex lines. The label gained instant notoriety early on for its ‘black look’, using monochromatic colour palettes and focusing on silhouette and cut. With this approach, SONGZIO is credited with popularising high-end menswear in Korea and establishing an increased interest in designer clothing.

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Everyday clothing is elevated into unique and contemporary pieces with a high fashion appeal. The founder begins the design process with his famous ‘paint on black’ technique, which involves brushing oil paint into a canvas, and printing the outcome onto textiles to allow his clothing to become wearable forms of art. This innovative approach means that collections often feature unexpected prints filled with expression, perfectly fusing fashion with art. 

Known for their minimal colour palette, SONGZIO remains avant-garde through the use of deconstructed shapes and silhouettes. Experimental cuts are used across designs, resulting in oversize silhouettes, exaggerated proportions and offbeat elements. Garments are distinctively minimalist and modern with an androgynous appeal. Clean lines are met with futuristic shapes to create sleek collections with a streetwear edge. This is seen in tapered trousers, baggy-shirts and cut-out detail shirts, all featuring dark tones and unexpected details. Effortlessly cool, SONGZIO ensures that the everyday wardrobe is far from dull, instilling a modern and exciting edge to day-to-day staples as well as versatile pieces which can be dressed up or down. 

With stores in Seoul, SONGZIO collections can also be accessed online, through the label’s website and via Farfetch.