Sorel is a luxury footwear label founded in 1962 by Arthur Ratz Kaufman. The Kaufman Rubber Company introduced a collection of winter boots in 1962 which soon became the brand’s most popular and successful line. When, in 2000, the brand declared bankruptcy, the Sorel label was acquired by Columbia Sportswear, and under this parent organisation Sorel’s lines were expanded. Sorel is still owned by Columbia Sportswear to this day, with Ryan Brandel as Creative Director for the label. 

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Known for creating ‘footwear for the fearless’, Sorel produces a wide range of footwear for men, women and children. The brand is recognised for their cold weather boots, producing the first snowboarding boots and their designs have often been worn for expeditions to the North Pole. Hard-wearing and waterproof, these designs feature high quality details such as strong insulation, moisture wicking linings and thick rubber treads to ensure warmth and protection from the harshest cold climates. 

Each pair of Sorel shoes is crafted impeccably using premium leathers, wool and felt to ensure designs are durable and reliable. Although best known for their winter boots, the brand offers designs for all weathers such as summer sandals with 3D heel cushioning for ultimate comfort, or lightweight and breathable sneakers. From snow boots featuring fur trims to sandals in elegant silhouettes and fashionable, colourful sneakers, Sorel offers style as well as function. Practical design is fused with considered colourways, shapes and silhouettes meaning that Sorel provides luxurious comfort and protection as well as timeless style for all year round.

Collections from Sorel can be found online, through the brand’s website, as well as via Net-a-Porter, Zolando and Matches Fashion