Spinelli Kilcollin

Husband and wife Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin founded their eponymous fine jewellery label in 2010. The Los Angeles-based brand gained global recognition for their interconnected Galaxy rings which feature a set of interlocking rings to be worn stacked or separately across the hand. This design was innovative and exciting, and has become signature of the brand, remaining their most popular style to this day. 

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Each design from Spinelli Kilcollin is handcrafted in LA by the same group of artisans since the brand’s beginnings. Expert craftsmanship meets a sustainable outlook, meaning that much of the 18k gold or sterling silver metal used by the label is recycled, and all diamonds used through collections come from conflict-free sources. 

From iconic Galaxy rings to necklaces and earrings, Spinelli Kilcollin utilises a clean and architectural aesthetic. Minimalist designs are met with pavé diamonds and precious gemstones to add an element of luxurious sparkle. Black, yellow and rose gold are mixed with solid silver and diamonds to create beautiful and versatile jewellery which can be mixed and matched with any other jewelry. Spinelli Kilcollin is consistently elegant, offering bold stacking rings, delicate micro hoops and opulent pearl pendants. All designs have a modern and timeless appeal, providing unique styles for the everyday and beyond. 

Collections from Spinelli Kilcollin can be accessed online, through the brand’s website, as well as via Matches Fashion and Net-a-Porter.