Aurélia Stouls established her namesake womenswear label in 2004, which focuses on luxury leather clothing and footwear. The French brand is seen as having revolutionised the use of leather in clothing and reaffirming its place in fashion today. 

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Taking an innovative approach to leather work, Stouls creates leather clothing which is easy and comfortable to wear- traits which are not traditionally associated with this material. The leather is expertly worked until it is extremely supple, and the material is then covered in a unique cotton and Lycra blend to ensure the garment holds its shape for a lifetime. Stouls’ high quality designs are machine washable, allowing designs to be worn effortlessly again and again, and their versatile aesthetic ensures Stouls garments are wearable for a multitude of occasions. 

Stouls collections are known for their sleek silhouettes and use of bold colours which are refreshed each season. Their designs are contemporary staples, fitting seamlessly into any wardrobe with elegant, flattering cuts and minimal detailing. Body-hugging dresses and stretch leather trousers are offered in rich jewel shades, while warm neutral jackets and luxurious t-shirts are matched perfectly with any outfit. Across dresses, separates and outerwear, Stouls designs have an alluring appeal and opulent finish, proving go-to pieces from season to season. 

Collections from Stouls can be accessed through the label’s stores in Paris, and online through the Stouls website as well as via My Theresa.