Tilly Sveaas

Tilly Sveaas launched her fine jewellery label after finding a gap in the market for sustainable silver jewellery. This label was titled Silver Service, though when the designer wished to add gold jewellery to her collections, she rebranded and launched her eponymous line in 2016. Tilly Sveaas is based in London and produces timeless jewellery for both men and women, in sterling silver and gold plating. 

Screenshot of tillysveaas.co.uk

Preferring to avoid trends and fads, Tilly Sveaas looks to produce timeless jewellery which will remain wearable throughout a lifetime. With this approach, the brand produces classic designs with a modern edge, created with wearability and versatility in mind. All gold and silver used throughout collections is ethically sourced and approved in terms of sustainability. Met with the label’s enduring style, Tilly Sveaas designs are built to last. 

Their minimalist aesthetic allows for extended wear across any outfit and throughout time, resulting in bold pieces featuring clean lines and an understated appeal. Chunky chain bracelets, dome rings and T-bar necklaces are signature to the label, creating an effortlessly chic look time and time again. Met with hoop earrings, ring-shaped pendants and simple bangles, Tilly Sveaas jewellery looks great alone or stacked in abundance.

Collections from Tilly Sveaas can be found online through the brand’s website and via My Theresa