Toni Sailer

Inspired by and named after the Austrian champion skier Toni Sailer, the Toni Sailer brand is a premium skiwear label founded by Hans Taubenberger. Launched in 2004, the brand focuses on fusing high-tech materials with expert design to ensure maximum performance and style whilst on the slopes. 

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Producing skiwear for men and women, Toni Sailer utilises high quality materials to allow for ultimate comfort and protection from the elements. Waterproof and breathable fabrics feature a unique 4-way stretch design which was developed specifically for Toni Sailer and ensures movement is effortless. Insulative materials are used throughout designs, which keep the body dry and warm without added weight or bulk. 

Understated, timeless design is signature to Toni Sailer, producing simple pieces in colourblock styles and figure flattering silhouettes. Retro details are inspired by Toni Sailer’s era, adding a vibrancy to simple designs. Classic ski pants, stylish jackets and logoed hats are luxurious ski essentials which will prove go-to pieces year on year. Whether looking for an easy outfit in monochromatic shades or a bold, bright set, Toni Sailer offers uncompromising performance, quality and design. 

Toni Sailer designs can be found online through the brand’s own website, as well as via many multi-brand stores across the world.