Tori Richard

Founded in 1956, Tori Richard is a Hawaii-based luxury resortwear label. The brand began when Mort Feldman and his fiance Janice Moody moved to Hawaii to retire, though soon found that this did not suit them. Looking for a new project, the pair began working with printmaker Mitsue Aka to found the company in 1956, named after one of Feldman’s sons, Richard, and one of Janice’s daughters, Victoria. Tori Richard began producing high-end women’s resortwear, expanding to also encompass menswear during the 1970’s. The brand soon became instantly recognisable for their bold and daring prints, used across dresses, shirts and trousers and soon seen as the uniform of Hawaii. Hand-painted prints were also produced, meaning that no two pieces were the same. 

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To this day, the company remains family owned, with Sandi Davidson working as Creative Director. Since the label’s beginnings, all designs have been manufactured in Honolulu, Hawaii, and this continues to date. 

Now offering resortwear for men, women and children, as well as accessories, Tori Richard continues to be best known for their vibrant, artful prints. Florals, tropical designs and geometric patterns meet retro-inspired prints across all collections. These prints are produced in an array of vibrant colours, inspired by the stunning Hawaii landscapes and perfectly in-keeping with a beachy lifestyle. Floating mini dresses, essential shorts and statement shirts are perfect for any holiday adventure, from the beach to dinner, proving stylish, comfortable and timeless. 

With stores located throughout Hawaii, Tori Richard designs can also be accessed through the brand’s online store.