Valextra is a luxury leather goods label founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana. The Milan-based brand fuses the Italian word for suitcase, ‘valigia’, with the word ‘extra’ to create their name, embodying the opulent nature of the label. Since Valextra’s beginnings, designs have only featured the finest of materials, including exotic hides of elephant, alligator and hippopotamus, and has always catered to the highest of society including the likes of Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis. Their reputation for unparalleled luxury continues to this day, with the company now owned by Neo Capital

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Each Valextra design is handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen. Offering travel goods, bags and accessories, Valextra is known for their minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic. Traditional silhouettes are met with a modern edge, seen in clean lines and bold shapes. Their timeless design is understated and considered, featuring minimal detailing and pared-down colour palettes. Sleek and elegant, these bags add refinement to any outfit, from pastel-toned mini bags and simple clutches to classic top-handle styles and large travel bags. Valextra epitomises discreet luxury, with no visible branding or logos and a polished, un-ornamented design style. The brand offers lifelong repairs to Valextra bags meaning that, combined with such timeless design, Valextra bags will be cherished for decades. 

Valextra stores can be found across the world, from London to Milan to Hong-Kong. Their collections are also available online, via the brand’s website and through Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter and Farfetch.