Launched in 2014 by brothers Demna and Guram Gvasalia, Vetements rapidly became one of the most desired labels in modern times. The French brand’s name translates literally to ‘clothing’, reflecting the outlook of Vetements, which focuses on a ‘down to earth’ aesthetic inspired by youth culture. 

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Vetements can be seen as taking an unorthodox and forward-thinking approach to luxury fashion. Headed by an anonymous Parisian design collective and rejecting seasonal collections, the brand takes a walk away from high-fashion traditions and codes. Instead, they focus on impactful pieces, presenting their collections when they wish. A focus is spent on exclusivity, creating only a small number in production of items, and placing maximum limits on orders. This has led to Vetements pieces being highly sought after for their image of scarcity and therefore luxury. Vetements also find their models in unconventional places, such as through Instagram, and have huge popularity amongst celebrities such as Rihanna and Kendall Jenner

Producing lines of womens, mens and unisex clothing, Vetements also creates accessories, shoes and bags. The brand is inspired by everyday people and street-wear and is known for reinventing basics, for example creating raw hemmed denim and printed t-shirts. They often play with exaggerated proportions and androgynous aesthetics. Vetements combines ‘simplicity and flamboyance’, with minimalistic elements as well as bright colours and bold patterns. Many of their pieces can be seen as playful, utilising tongue-in-cheek graphics and slogans, always producing the unexpected. Their wide range encompasses oversized sweatshirts and gorgeous silk slip dresses. No matter the piece in question, exceptional construction is vital to the brand, and meticulous tailoring creates that luxury feel. 

Always contemporary and ahead of the game, Vetements is known for its collaborations with big brands. One such collaboration is the Vetements x Reebok partnership, beginning in 2017. Through this, Vetements has created new takes on Reebok sneakers. A 2020 release saw the Instapump Fury shoe decorated with graffiti-style scribbles, with one doodle stating ‘I’m bored!’. Staying true to Vetements’ often unserious take on fashion, the trainers have been lusted after since their first alliance. 

Vetements collections are stocked on their own website and are available from Harrods, Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion