Wolford began as Wolff & Co. KG, established in Austria by Reinhold Wolff and Walter Palmers, producing women’s stockings from both real and artificial silks. Just a year after its conception, the company was renamed and officially registered as Wolford in 1950- combining the name of one of the founders, Wolff, and the city of Oxford. Throughout the 1970’s, the brand expanded worldwide, and by the 1980’s their products became aimed at a high-end audience. This luxury appeal continues today under the ownership of Fosun Industrial Holdings Limited and the creative direction of Grit Seymour.  

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Now producing clothing, lingerie, hosiery and swimwear, Wolford ensures fine fabrics and craftsmanship remain at the core of the brand throughout all designs. Wolford constructs a perfect fit each time, offering shaping options and seamless finishes for ultimate comfort and confidence. Contouring tights, sleek bodysuits and essential tank tops are produced in a variety of neutral tones for an effortless, sophisticated appeal, while luxurious lingerie provides support and style alike. Technical fabrics merge with elegant design across collections, seen in body hugging dresses, easy t-shirts and soft leggings. From underwear to outerwear, Wolford fuses functionality and innovation with timeless style to ensure longevity in every design. 

Longevity is also important to the label for its sustainable nature. Wolford is committed to challenging notions of fast fashion and championing environmental consciousness, therefore aiming to help people reduce consumption through the creation of lifelong staples. The brand created the first ever biodegradable jumpers, leggings and t-shirts in 2018, which are fully compostable and ground-breaking in terms of sustainability. For this, Wolford earned a Cradle To Cradle Certified™ Gold award, representing their efforts towards a more prosperous future. 

Wolford has stores located across the world, in key locations such as Helsinki, Berlin and Oslo. Their collections can also be found online through the brand’s own site, as well as through Selfridges, Harrods and My Theresa.