Zeynep Arçay

Zeynep Arçay founded her namesake womenswear label in 2013 after many years working within the tech industry. This dramatic change of career was inspired by Zeynep Arçay’s lifelong love for fashion, and a desire to create enduring staples for every woman’s wardrobe. The founder’s favourite material had always been leather, believing in its ability to make the wearer appear strong and confident while timelessly stylish, and so the label began with a focus on creating fine leather clothing for women. Using super thin, malleable leather, Zeynep Arçay creates designs as flexible and comfortable as those produced from any other material, though with the exciting appeal of leather. These lines were added to with the inclusion of pieces in other materials to offer complete looks which would appear effortlessly chic for years to come. 

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As a label based around leather, Zeynep Arçay is of course known for their ability to redefine wardrobe essentials in this edgy, glamorous material. Pushing the boundaries of day-to-day ready-to-wear, Zeynep Arçay offers classic leather styles such as oversize blazers, straight leg trousers and asymmetric pencil skirts. Collections also encompass leather bralettes, pleated shorts and bodycon dresses, adding a luxurious, unique appeal to staple pieces. Leather garments are offered in a wide array of shades from rich neutrals to sumptuous reds and bold brights, met with minimal detailing for a modern and wearable appeal. 

While leather may remain at the heart of the brand, knit bodysuits, silk wrap dresses and cotton maxi dresses are also offered by Zeynep Arçay. Whether in leather, silk or cotton, the brand ensures a confident and feminine aesthetic, quality fabrics and exceptional fit. Cut-out details, ruching and a broad colour palette keep designs fresh yet simple, certain to remain go-to pieces for years to come. 

Collections from Zeynep Arçay are available online via the brand’s website, and through My Theresa and Net-a-Porter.